About Us

The Suit Project LogoIt is the mission of the St. Louis Suit Project to provide professional business attire to deserving individuals in need. We work towards eliminating the barriers caused by financial inequality and unfortunate circumstance throughout all aspects of life. In order to be eligible for a donation, The St. Louis Suit Project mandates applicants perform one random act of kindness for another. The act does not have to cost a dime. The only requirement is that it is genuine.

The St. Louis Suit Project provides new and quality used suits and business attire to applicants in need.  The donated business suits, whether new or used, are custom fitted to the individuals measurements and their name is embroidered on the inside jacket pocket prior to delivery. Additional business attire is also provided as donations allow, i.e. shirts, shoes, ties, belts, etc.

Our Project seeks new and gently used suits, shirts, shoes, ties and monetary donations to accomplish its purpose. As a 501(c)3 charity, we operate purposeful and profitless. The St. Louis Suit Project’s Co-Founders and Board of Directors receive no compensation for their involvement. Financial donations are primarily used for either the purchase of new suits or tailoring expenses. All qualifying donations are tax-deductible.


Our mission is to help build a positive self image for underprivileged men and women. Our product is new or used business attire that is appropriate for a professional atmosphere. These young adults will be properly outfitted and attired through the generous donations of our supporters. The St. Louis Suit Project will show the importance of a first impression, specifically in a competitive work force.


Our ProcessAt this time we are accepting business attire for men of all ages. Our primary focus is to collect new and gently used suits to donate to individuals in need. Our initial focus is geared towards high school and college students who are in need of business clothing for interviews, employment, or any other sound need. While growth is underway, we are only accepting male business attire at this time.

Our application process seeks to place these suits and other business attire in the hands of deserving individuals who demonstrate selfless character traits despite a lack of resources. Kindness is not contingent upon money, and simple acts of kindness are worth their weight in gold. Our application specifically requires that an applicant undertake one random act of kindness for another individual. This act will serve to qualify an individual for donation. It is our hope that our donations will spark further selfless giving.

Our partnerships with local high schools and community organizations will provide several avenues for donation. Any donation: suits, coats, pants, belts, shoes, shirts, ties, etc., are greatly appreciated. It is our pleasure to travel to your location to pick up the donation at your convenience for qualifying donations. Simply clean out your closet and give us a call.

Upon an applicant being selected to receive a donation, we will have the suit custom fitted to the individual, have his name embroidered on the inside pocket, and if able, provide matching shirts, ties, belts and shoes.


The St. Louis Suit Project was co-founded by Christopher Dixon, Benjamin Lawler, and Stephen Brooks. However, our mission would not be near accomplished without our dedicated Board of Directors.


The St. Louis Suit Project is a §501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Appointments to make a donation can be made online through this website, by emailing us at thestlouissuitproject@gmail.com, or by calling 855-55-SUIT. At the time of donation, we will provide the donor with a donation receipt to be retained for tax purposes. While we do not place a value on the donated goods, IRS Publication 561, 526, and 8283 can be utilized in determining the value of the item donated. Please see the links below for the IRS Publications as well as a valuation guide that provides a listing of the average prices in their stores for items in good condition.


Federal law allows donors to claim a tax deduction for financial contributions, as well as donated business attire items in a “good, used condition or better”. The St. Louis Suit Project does not provide assistance or offer guidelines for the estimated value of donated items. It is advised that donors contact their local tax professional to determine the “fair market value” of donated items in your region.

The St. Louis Suit Project will provide donors with a receipt for validation purposes on the date a donation is made. This receipt will not include a dollar amount, and the St. Louis Suit Project does not retain copies of the receipts. In order to claim your deduction, you must retain the original receipt provided on the date of your donation.

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not allow the St. Louis Suit Project to confirm or authorize the value of any donation. However, the IRS requires donors to value their own donated items. The St. Louis Suit Project has provided helpful links below for donors to use when determining the value of donated items. These publications are helpful, however, we advise you to always consult with your local tax professionals to ensure a proper valuation.


Below is a list of our tax documents filed with the IRS:


Below is a list of helpful tax related resources to assist in the preparation of your tax return: