The Independence Center Donations and Friendship

Through the help of all those who donate to the St. Louis Suit Project, we are blessed to have been able to provide over 20 suits, shirts, and ties to the wonderful men at The Independence Center.  The Independence Center is dedicated to providing programs and systems to assist adults with mental illnesses to live and work in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Their incredible work has helped so many of those living with mental illness to live independently and with dignity.  We applaud their efforts and look forward to our continued relationship!

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Patriot Community Solutions Suit Donation

The St. Louis Suit Project is incredibly happy to have been able to donate business attire to the gentleman at Patriot Community Solutions. Patriot is an outreach ministry that helps veterans in need. Their wonderful work is an incredible benefit to our veterans and our community. We look forward to our continued relationship into the future.

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Client Testimonial from the Father’s Support Center

We sincerely enjoy our ongoing relationship with Ms. Barbara Graham and the Father’s Support Network.  Ms. Graham was kind enough to share some extremely kind words and a picture of a recent group of young men who received some clothing from the Suit Project.  Thanks for all you do Ms. Graham!  We look forward to our ability to continue helping!

“Fathers’ Support Center, St. Louis (FSC) provides a comprehensive array of services for men. The FSC Mission is “To foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities.” Our Vision is, “Every father is a responsible father, committed to a cohesive family relationship.” Clients enrolled in our Family Formation Program participates in our employment program which provides job readiness and retention skills necessary to gain and maintain employment in order to become financially responsible for their children. That’s where Christopher Dixon and St. Louis Suit Project has greatly assisted our agency. With their contribution we are able to provide our clients with interview appropriate clothing such as dress pants, shirts, ties, and shoes.

On behalf of Fathers’ Support Center and our clients we would like to send a special thank you to Christopher Dixon and his organization, the St. Louis Suit Project. It is people and organizations such as yourself who allow us to continue with our mission and for that we are truly grateful. Their contribution has played an essential role in preparing our fathers for the workforce. Thank you again St Louis Suit Project for your generosity and your many efforts to making a difference in the lives of the families we serve.”

-Barbara Graham, BSW, Social Services Coordinator

Fathers Support Network

2013 Fall Graduates of Mission St. Louis

The St. Louis Suit Project was again honored with the ability to provide suits, shirts, and ties to another round of Mission St. Louis Graduates. These young men worked extremely hard to better themselves through job and leadership training, technology education, interview skills training, interpersonal skills training, and other workplace and community education. We were fortunate to provide so many hardworking individuals quality business attire for their bright road ahead.

We also extend a huge thank you to Chris Hill and Mission St. Louis for their hard work with these young men. Mission St. Louis provides free training for at risk individuals with the goal of providing a brighter future for those willing to improve themselves. We look forward to a continued relationship with Mission St. Louis and the ability to provide a means of eliminating the barriers of entry to the workforce caused by a lack of proper business attire. We also extend a huge thank you to all the donations from the wonderful people who make this all possible.

Suits Donated to Youth Mock Trial Competition Participants

Congrats to Brian Yagi and the young men of the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy in their recent mock trial competition. Brian Yagi founded the student organization at Washington University in St. Louis known as the Future Advocates of America. His volunteer outreach program seeks to improve high school students reading, writing and critical thinking skills through participation in mock trial competitions, as well as encourage law student participation in mentoring local youth. His efforts help raise up St. Louis and we are all grateful. The St. Louis Suit Project was honored to provide suits, shirts and ties for several of the young men in their recent competition.



Congrats to the Sharply Dressed Graduates of Mission St. Louis

We want to extend a huge thank you to Chris Hill of Mission St. Louis. Chris is the Jobs and Leadership Training Coordinator for Mission St. Louis. Mission St. Louis and Chris Hill work to equip at risk young me to become leaders in their workplace, communities and families. Students in the Job and Leadership Program undergo an intense training program which covers everything from interpersonal skills, technology in the workplace, job and interview skills, and numerous other extremely valuable leadership tools.

The St. Louis Suit Project is blessed to have been able to meet Chris Hill and Mission St. Louis. This year the St. Louis Suit Project was able to provide the 2013 graduating class a sharp set of suits, shirts and ties for the next step of their journey. We are truly blessed to have been a part of the journey of these young men. We wish them the most success possible and the continued determination required for the road ahead. Furthermore, we wish Chris Hill and Mission St. Louis a great future for their efforts towards the betterment of St. Louis and look forward to our continued relationship.



2012 Donations to Marygrove

Marygrove is another amazing organization which opens their doors to at-risk children, providing them with a safe haven to flourish and grow.  The Mission of Marygrove is to provide mental health services to severely disturbed children, young adults and their families who are economically challenged.  Marygrove provides residential and therapeutic intervention for 130+ traumatized children, adolescents and young men and women ages 6 to 21.  Their services include medical and psychiatric treatment, eduction, recreation and other services geared towards helping these young men and women become self sufficient productive members of society, despite their adversity.  For more information about their efforts, click HERE

The St. Louis Suit Project and Grewe., Inc., have partnered in order to provide business attire and quality suits to those in need at Marygrove.  Grewe Inc., through the kindness and introduction of Gary Grewe, has allowed the St. Louis Suit Project to be a part of the wonderful and trans-formative work being done at Marygrove.  The partnership has been able to provide approximately 50 suits and shirts to the amazing young individuals, tailored to their individual requirements.  The St. Louis Suit Project would like to extend a big thank you to Marygrove and Gary Grewe for allowing us the opportunity to play a role in their cause.

“At Marygrove our focus is on empowering children whose lives have been impacted by abuse, violence or neglect.  Through our partnership with the St. Louis Suit Project we’ve been able to give our young men a quality suit which helps them project a professional image for job interviews and other activities.  The St. Louis Suit Project’s gift supports our mission of helping our residents feel a sense of hope and confidence about their future.” – John Donati, Director of Public Relations at Marygrove.

Mary Grove Letter To The St. Louis Suit Project

2012 Donations to The Father’s Support Center

The St. Louis Suit Project is pleased to have been able to provide more clothing to Barbara T. Graham for the benefit of the Father’s Support Center of St. Louis Missouri.  We have recently been able to donate approximately 20 suits, 50 dress shirts, 50 pairs of pants, and about 30 dress ties.  We look forward to many continued donations to the Father’s Support Center.

We also applaud the efforts of the the Father’s Support Center in their continued mission “to foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities”.

2012 Concordia Seminary Donations

The St. Louis Suit Project is pleased to announce its ability to provide a recent massive donation to the Concordia Seminary’s seminarians. This large donation was made possible only through the generosity of the many individuals who selflessly donated their gently used business attire and monetary equivalent. The donation to the Concordia Seminary consisted of 83 suits, 41 sport coats, 3 tuxedos, 12 pants, 56 shirts, 4 polo shirts, 3 sweaters, 6 shoes, and 50 ties. These donations provided numerous seminarians the professional attire needed to assist in their mission of helping people throughout the United States.

2011/2012 Fathers Support Center Donations

The St. Louis Suit Project has been fortunate to work with Barbara T. Graham and the Father’s Support Center of St. Louis Missouri. The Fathers Support Center’s Mission is “To foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities”. The St. Louis Suit Project is proud to have provided a great group of men business attire. We look forward to a great and continued relationship with the Family Support Center.

To date throughout our ongoing relationship with the Father’s Support Network, we have been able to provide them with over 50 dress shirts and 50 pairs of pants. We also truly appreciate the great thank you letter and the support for the efforts of the St. Louis Suit Project.