Client Testimonial from the Father’s Support Center

We sincerely enjoy our ongoing relationship with Ms. Barbara Graham and the Father’s Support Network.  Ms. Graham was kind enough to share some extremely kind words and a picture of a recent group of young men who received some clothing from the Suit Project.  Thanks for all you do Ms. Graham!  We look forward to our ability to continue helping!

“Fathers’ Support Center, St. Louis (FSC) provides a comprehensive array of services for men. The FSC Mission is “To foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities.” Our Vision is, “Every father is a responsible father, committed to a cohesive family relationship.” Clients enrolled in our Family Formation Program participates in our employment program which provides job readiness and retention skills necessary to gain and maintain employment in order to become financially responsible for their children. That’s where Christopher Dixon and St. Louis Suit Project has greatly assisted our agency. With their contribution we are able to provide our clients with interview appropriate clothing such as dress pants, shirts, ties, and shoes.

On behalf of Fathers’ Support Center and our clients we would like to send a special thank you to Christopher Dixon and his organization, the St. Louis Suit Project. It is people and organizations such as yourself who allow us to continue with our mission and for that we are truly grateful. Their contribution has played an essential role in preparing our fathers for the workforce. Thank you again St Louis Suit Project for your generosity and your many efforts to making a difference in the lives of the families we serve.”

-Barbara Graham, BSW, Social Services Coordinator

Fathers Support Network