Congrats to the Sharply Dressed Graduates of Mission St. Louis

We want to extend a huge thank you to Chris Hill of Mission St. Louis. Chris is the Jobs and Leadership Training Coordinator for Mission St. Louis. Mission St. Louis and Chris Hill work to equip at risk young me to become leaders in their workplace, communities and families. Students in the Job and Leadership Program undergo an intense training program which covers everything from interpersonal skills, technology in the workplace, job and interview skills, and numerous other extremely valuable leadership tools.

The St. Louis Suit Project is blessed to have been able to meet Chris Hill and Mission St. Louis. This year the St. Louis Suit Project was able to provide the 2013 graduating class a sharp set of suits, shirts and ties for the next step of their journey. We are truly blessed to have been a part of the journey of these young men. We wish them the most success possible and the continued determination required for the road ahead. Furthermore, we wish Chris Hill and Mission St. Louis a great future for their efforts towards the betterment of St. Louis and look forward to our continued relationship.